Photographer’s Choice Badge

As you already photography is an integral part of what makes SA Lingerie so special. It takes just the right person to capture moments of beauty and one such person is the judge of our Photographer’s Choice award. His name is Anton Robert and he is one of the premier photographers in the country. Based in Cape Town, Anton has successfully turned his passion for photos into a stellar career. No matter the type of shot needed Anton is the guy who makes everything come to life. His covered everything from fashion, advertisements and even interior design. Magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and FHM are just some of the covers his shot over the years. Personalities such as Lucas Radebe, Oprah and Lee Ann Liebenberg have also had their shots taken by this maestro. With such credentials Anton is more than qualified to choose some faces he feels deserves our award. Here is his list of models:

Elizna Schutte

Charmlyn Carelse

Christenn Cloe

Juliet Godwin