5 Unlikely Must Haves To Keep In Your Makeup Bag

A woman’s makeup bag is one of her most precious belongings. It comforts her, gives her extra confidence, and allows her to express herself. While there are the obvious must haves of every woman’s makeup bag such an eyelash curler, nude lipstick and eyeliner, there are some not so likely things that should be in every woman’s bag!

  • Ear buds - Have you ever tried to put on that liquid eyeliner in a perfectly straight line and halfway through you totally mess it up? We’ve all been there, you’re looking around wondering how you’re possibly going to fix this without having to re-do your whole eye. That’s where an ear bud comes in, simply run it under water (if you’re in a pinch you can lick it) and use it to gently wipe away that daunting glob of darkness hiding your eye. Simply, retouch your eye shadow and perfectly lined lids await you!
  • Tissues - When you accidentally stab yourself in the eye with that dreaded mascara comb you’ll be happy to have a tissue to save those watery eyes! A tissue can be used to dab away unwanted tears, saving your cover-up and avoiding those scary runny make up marks!
  • Vaseline - Keeping a little Vaseline on hand can go a long way! Put a little Vaseline on your teeth before you apply lipstick to ensure you never get those embarrassing lipsticks stains on your pearly whites. You can apply a dab to your wrists before applying perfume to make it last longer. Plus, you can put Vaseline on your eyelashes at night to help them grow!
  • Mascara Guard/Shield - These babies can be hard to find, but it’s totally worth the hunt! A mascara guard is a little shield you can put over your eyelid when applying mascara to avoid getting mascara marks on your eyelids. You can use it for both the bottom and top lashes.
  • A fine-tooth comb -  No we’re not talking about a comb for teasing that hair-do! (Although you could use it for that, too.) This comb is for those clumpy mascara eyelashes you sometimes get when hastily applying. This usually happens a lot considering no one likes spending 10 minutes applying layer after layer of mascara waiting for it to dry in between. Simply just take the comb and use it to separate any clumped lashes for a more natural look.

Make sure you next trip to the mall includes picking up these must have items and be sure to share these new beauty tips with your girls!

Written by Leah Wainwright